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Get Motivated

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The hardest part about changing the world🌎 is the loneliness that you experience when you are doing mundane tasks to keep your business going. Even when you pay others to do some of those tasks, you still need to spend the time thinking it through and working through your vision.

🤔 Wouldn't it be nice to have a co-worker in another cubicle to ask a quick question or run an idea past? Your plants and pets will listen but their feedback is hardly the kind of feedback that you need.


Virtual Co-working 

  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins with an accountability coach.

  • Expert Guided Work Sessions 

  • Enhanced Flexibility with up to 18 hrs of live support.

Stay Inspired

Workplace by Meta

Private Community App 

  • Daily Tips from Experts in Life, Business, Branding, & Networking

  • Exchange ideas anywhere with a supportive community private app

  • Access to inspirational articles, podcasts, and more in our Knowlege Library 


Social Media platforms have lots of great content but sometimes can be a trap. You may start watching a motivational video and somehow watch people dance to the latest tic-tock challenge. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a space where you can get just the functionality of Facebook without all of the noise of political commentary Celebrity gossip and gender reveals?  We have created a space for you to connect with a heart-centered like-minded community to help you stay encouraged 


Keep Networtking 


The hardest part about networking is finding networking opportunities. Somes that can be expensive and time-consuming. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the networking opportunities on a calendar for you to choose what works for your schedule and just show up? 

Now you can! We have partnered with GO Connections to bring you the best virtual global networking groups all in one place. Now all you have to do is choose your country and click to add to your calendar. 

GO Connections Virtual Networking 

  • Create a networking schedule that works with your needs.

  • Access to over 120 virtual global networking events each month

  • On-Demand Coaching on how to leverage go-connections.


Gain Knowledge

MinkLife Motivation Principles Courses 

  • LIVE Trainer to guide you through each course 

  • 4 Action Planning Courses to help you plan your life business branding and networking.

  • 4 Downloadable Action Planning Workbooks to keep track of Action Items and Due dates 

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Most people in the professional space are information hoarders. We collect important tips tricks and best practices to build and grow a business but rarely put the knowledge to into action. 


Our course teaches you nothing. Instead, we help you identify what you already know so you can apply it. We remind you of what you already knew you don't know so you can get support. Through the journey, you will discover what you didn't know you need to know so you can clearly take your next steps.

Not a member yet? It's not too late! Now is the time to start Living HEALTHY, WEALTHY, & FULFILLED.


Every month

Motivation | Inspiration | Networking | Knowledge

Valid until canceled
14 day free trial

  • Get Motivated with 6 Daily Co-Working Sessions

  • Stay Inspired with Private Community App 

  • Keep Networking with Go Connections Membership 

  • Gain Knowledge with Action Planning Courses

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