Our Mission

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MinkLife University is a community of Trainers and Experts who believe in the power of collaboration to optimize our clients' businesses. We apply our collective expertise through service and education. By utilizing our MinkLife Motivation Principles, we provide our community a platform of online and offline exposure that increases their network and net worth. 

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We are looking for Dynamic Speakers to help our clients get the help they need. As a dynamic speaker, you will:

- Be featured on our streaming MinkLife Motivation Live 

- MinkLife Motivation Magazine 

- 4 Global Virtual Conferences per year

- Build your visibility

- Change the world

Only $397 per year 





Becoming a Licensed Trainer will allow you to:

  • Build a stable and profitable training, coaching or consulting practice.

  • Implement our proven system to create flexible work-life harmony. 

  • Utilize our technology to keep your processes optimized for guaranteed results.

  • Enhance expertise in your industry and generate more revenue through our systematized training and development.

  • Learn how to structure your content to achieve maximum results.

  • Enjoy the freedom of building a business that supports work-life harmony.

  • Leverage year-round support with events & content curation.

  • Network and collaborate with the inspired global community of MinkLife Motivators.





Becoming a  Certified Affiliate will allow you to:

  • Build your business through our structured lead generation program with either warm leads or paid leads.

  • Systemize your lead generation through partnership with our Licensed Trainers into our group classes or consultations with VIP clients.

  •  Implement our process to maximize your client's results and improve your bottom line.

  • Leverage year-round support through curated ML trainings and structured digital media campaigns.

  • Increase your professional exposure by sharing your expertise through Guaranteed Speaking engagements and through our ML Digital Media outreach channels.

  • Join the community of authentic and inspired MinkLife Motivators.

  • Enjoy the freedom of building a business that supports your work life harmony.