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Monday Edition

MinkTalks! Open Mic

10-Minute Talks to Motivate and Inspire

Get Motivated. Stay Inspired. Keep Networking. Gain Knowledge.

Our goal is simple yet profound: inspire you to live a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled life. MinkTalks brings you the motivation to take that next step toward your dreams.

Step up and join the competition! Whether it’s a motivational speech, a song, a comedy set, or a poem, you have 10 minutes to shine. This is your chance to earn bragging rights and share your passion with the world.

Tap into your zone of genius and create a 6-minute piece that makes people stop scrolling and start commenting. Your unique talent can capture attention and inspire others.

Every week, the participant who gets the most votes will win the competition. It's your time to shine and show what you’ve got!

Winners will be invited to perform again in our finals for a chance to be crowned the Champion. This is your moment to make a lasting impact.

Join Us for Fun and Inspiration
There’s no cost to participate—just pure motivation and a chance to have fun with friends. Let’s inspire the world together!

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