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Kristina Jacob

Kristina Jacob

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Join date: Jul 6, 2020


Why does your company exist? 

Becoming Boundless was created to inspire people in the depths of darkness to plant the seeds for their personal revolution through activating their spiritual awakening.

Why do you do what you do?

I decided to become a spiritual life coach because the principles and practices that I integrated into my own life led me to my wildest dreams coming true, finding my soul purpose, and the ability to pass this knowledge on to others.

What problem do you solve? 

I don't solve any problems! I gently guide those seeking to improve their lives to their own soul truth.

What is the most important message you are trying to communicate?

You can have, be and do all that you desire. You are boundless, limitless and powerful beyond measure.

Who do you serve?

Anyone who wants to become who they are meant to be.

What is your process for a follow-up?

Free 30 minute phone consultation:

Phone Number: 1 (678) 787-8509

E-mail: Kristina@KNZ.Enterprises

Facebook: ----------------------------------------------

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