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Michelle Faust

Michelle Faust

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Join date: Jun 29, 2020


Name of Business: Lemonade Legend

Business Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Business Website:

Social Media Handles:



Twitter: @TheLemonadeSta8

Linked In:

Why does your company exist? To provide platforms for women to have a voice and be heard

Why do you do what you do? I had a significant need to share my story and when I put it in print it was liberating and powerful. I'm very good at connecting with women and gaining their trust to help them share their story.

What problem do you solve? Women want to share their stories for both personal and professional reasons. I help them find the way to do it.

What is the most important message you are trying to communicate? Embrace who you are and all that you have been through. Live in confidence and self love.

Who do you serve? Women business owners, age 30 and up

What is your process for a follow-up or where can people contact you? Email is best.

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