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Stephanie Courtillier

Stephanie Courtillier

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Join date: Jul 7, 2020


Why does your company exist? 

We envision a world where all women are empowered to fulfill their potential and achieve the (im)possible. We do this by creating safe spaces for heart-centered women to collaborate through our 3 core pillars of personal power, professional development and philanthropy.

Why do you do what you do

Our purpose is to create tribes of integrous leaders worldwide who use their strengths and social consciousness to sustainably empower underserved communities. We believe every woman deserves a voice and a sense of belonging, to feel seen, heard and valued for who she authentically is. We structured ourselves as a social enterprise so that all of our efforts are tied to a deeper meaning of giving forward to local and global communities through our 10/20/30 Sustainable Impact Model. You can learn more here:

What problem do you solve? 

We create access to support and opportunities for women who are seeking to live their purpose and fulfill their potential. Some challenges we tackle with our community members include feeling isolated and alone, with no clear direction, a deep knowing they are meant for more, knowing the importance of self care but not making the time, being overachieving hustlers and hitting burnout, gaining confidence so they can feel like a significant contribution to their communities, and many more! Our programs, workshops, connections, and leadership opportunities have transformed over 100 women to be the inspiring leaders of their lives and further mentor others to do the same.

What is the most important message you are trying to communicate?

You CAN and DESERVE to live out your potential. We see you. We hear you. We believe in you and want to come alongside of you to help.

Who do you serve?

Heart-centered, growth-minded and purpose driven women seeking a life of significance and positive impact.

What is your process for a follow-up?

I can be reached either at or to learn more, visit:

You can connect with me personally at:

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