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Certified Licensed Trainer Program



Build the world you want to live in!

Amazing people have the passion and the vision but sometimes struggle with building a sustainable business model that allows them to do the work in their zone of genius. Our program allows trainers to use the expertise of MinkLife Motivation Priciples™ in the communities they serve to clarify their vision and create the structure they need to change the world. 


We are on a mission to help millions of professionals worldwide change their lives and grow their businesses by using the MinkLife Motivation Ecosystem to activate their zone of genius, allowing everyone their birthright to live healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled. 


The Certified Licensed Trainer Program exists to create clarity & structure for thought leaders, change-makers, coaches, experts, and speakers to design a life & business by them, for them, so they can focus on the changes they are making in the world.

How It Works 



Organize your life, business, branding, and networking through our Principles Program.

Learn how you use your talents, passions, and training to create a business that values your unique zone of genius.



Leverage the teaching opportunities provided by the MinkLife Motivations Learning Platform to make money while you develop your signature products with the support of our community.  Certification Process 


Activate your zone of genius to reach your ultimate goals by leveraging our community of experts, mentors, and trainers. 

Become the expert in our community and generate business expanding your reach.

What's Included In The Program 

Our Responsibilities 

We guarantee your success because we partner with you in your success by:

  • Support your work-life harmony through our Life Calibrator 

  • Establish profitable business structures that are scalable and sustainable through our Business Maximizer.

  • Create your Unique Marketing Campaigns through our Brand Builder

  • Clarify their unique expertise that improves the world through our Influence Booster 

  • Boost your stage presence through Dynamic Speaker Training 

  • Practice and Test your program in a safe environment.

  • Provide Speaking opportunities on stages, podcasts, lives, and conferences globally

  • Mentorship with Senior members in the community 

  • Connection to Accountability Partners 

  • Daily Coworking and Masterminds 

  • Product Development for your own products and services 

  • Online Learning & Networking Platform 

  • Access Lectures, talks, presentations, and action planners in Knowledge Library.


Our Trainee's Responsibilities 

You create the life that you want to live in by activating your zone of genius by:  

  • Create habits that support your personal & business growth to build trust in yourself with the communities you serve. 

  • Build stronger authentic mutually beneficial relationships both in life and business by creatively connecting with MinkLife community members & Staff toward our mission to help millions live healthy, wealthy, and fulfilled. 

  • Create a strategy that supports life & business optimization by working the MinkLife Principles Program 

  • Share your experience working with MinkLife University by inviting to events, workshops, conferences, and symposiums to your community if it aligns with their needs

  • Create a balanced and organized time management system by developing your own program in the MINCUBATOR™ Co-working space 

  • Align actions to your vision to maximize resources by increasing awareness of your personal and business brands through your marketing strategy

Meet Our Trainers 

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    Valid for 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions 

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