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Join date: Jun 28, 2020



(404) 933 11 99 – ATLANTA, GA

Credentials / Education: Sports Master, National Olympic Skiing Team Reserve Alumni. Powerteam International Diamond Member, Public Speaker. Author and Contributor to Amazon #1 Bestseller “Ready to Rise” (62 Ways You and Your Business Can Thrive & Grow During Challenging Times). Cooking Coach, Certified in Nutrition for Heart Disease and Diabetes. Health Strategist, Blogger.

Name of Business: SmartMove360, LLC

Business Location: (City, State) Atlanta, GA

Business Website:

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Why does your company exist? Health is wealth.

Why do you do what you do? I am a survivor – my late husband had Type 2 Diabetes. After his passing, my two teenage daughters and I had to deal with this tremendous loss, struggling to recover mentally, financially and emotionally. I believe that most people can prepare and avoid suffering like our family did, if they make small but consistent changes in their lifestyle.

There are easy to implement steps that will help anyone start moving to healthier life. I believe that it is my responsibility to bring awareness of dangers of diabetes to people and help them avoid outcomes that my family had.

What problem do you solve?

I am helping people with resent diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes or other health issues to get some bearings and start making healthy adjustments to their lives.

What is the most important message you are trying to communicate?

Taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of your family. Health is Wealth.

Who do you serve?

Women and men who are too busy with their businesses, career and family to find time to learn ways of taking care of themselves.

What is your process for a follow-up or where can people contact you?

My FB page @SmartMove360 or my email


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